Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"Wedding Crashers"

There is nothing at all about Wedding Crashers (2005... that's today, by my standards) that you couldn't guess from its premise: Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn play friends who crash weddings to meet women, on the theory that women are especially, er, meetable at weddings. They're great at it and have a lot of fun, until one of 'em falls for a bride's sister, who happens to be the daughter of the Secretary of the Treasury (Christopher Walken, always entertaining), and engaged to an insufferable peckerhead (can I say "peckerhead"?). They weasel their way into a weekend at the family compound, and...

...write the rest yourself. You won't go far wrong.

In favor: It's goofy with a couple of real laughs. Owen Wilson is all kinds of cute even if the most powerful urge he leaves you with is to trim someone's bangs.

Against: Premise is clumsily set up. Far too much footage of Vince Vaughn stuffing his face (a couple of frames would've more than sufficed). Utterly predictable plot. Not as many laughs as I'd hoped.


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