Friday, September 07, 2007

No Breakfast?!

OK, so I promise this blog won't become All About Kindergarten, but the Bean related something today that gave me pause (I just love that phrase): Her teacher asked the class to raise their hands if they'd eaten breakfast today -- and at least 5 of the kids had not.

What the? Who (among those of us with means to prevent it, and I'm not talking super-expensive-granola -- eggs are $1.19/dozen! Bananas are $0.59/lb!) would send their 5 year-old to school with an empty belly?

I just don't get it.


  1. I dont get it either

    Here (UK) some schools have started what they call 'Breakfast Clubs' where kids can go to school 30 mins early and have breakfast before the school day starts...

    ... which is ok insofar as at least some kids will get a breakfast who otherwise might not...

    but my first reaction was WTF?

    I mean surely making sure your kids get up in time and eat a good breakfast before going to school is a parents job ... isnt it?

    Or a I being [too] judgemental



  2. I thought I was being [too] judgmental as well J. There is a food bank in our town with no shortage of patrons, no matter how affluent a place it seems. Some cupboards aren't full.

    But, but, but. A banana and toast is very short money. An egg and toast, even less.

    And if the issue is being rushed in the morning, well. We all blow it on that score sometimes, but given the choice between giving the pups breakfast or having them on time for [all the earth-shatteringly important things that happen in] elementary school, call me crazy, but I think I'll feed 'em.

  3. Oh, come on - those kids probably ate breakfast, but either forgot, or didn't understand the question, or thought that if they said no, the teacher might give them a poptart. I sure hope no one judges my parenting on anything my 5-year-old says about what I did. Or my 14-year-old, for that matter. Just wait - it will happen to you - "She said what?!"