Friday, September 14, 2007

The Sound of (relative) Silence

At bedtime, I ask the girls to tell me what their favorite part of the day was, sometimes with amusing results. The past two nights, the Peanut has said that her favorite part of the whole day was when the Bean got on the bus to go to school.

Not to dis my firstborn, but I can relate. That Bean is being loud and bossy lately. Also loud and jubilant, which I love -- she's a happy healthy girl and it's great to see. But loud and silly, which is a small doses thing for me. The baby voice she affects sometimes just sends me through the roof.

If only I could get the Peanut to EAT HER SUPPER and the Bean to CUT IT OUT with the stupid noises all freakin' day... well. There'd be something else.

One thing about parenting is you realize the annoying phases pass, just as the precious ones do. But in the meantime, kindergarten may be saving my sanity, and it definitely gives the Peanut some well-deserved time to play on her own terms.

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  1. I was really glad when my daughter started back to school this year. And then, as soon as she was gone, I spent the whole day missing her.