Saturday, September 22, 2007

TO: Macy's, Hyannis, MA

FROM: Sandy Shoes
RE: The limits of good taste.

I noted with regret (but not disbelief) that you saw fit to put up Christmas trees in your store the day after Labor Day.

Even by today's dubious standards, that struck everybody in the place (including your grumbling employees) as -- how shall I say? Horrid. Gross. Tacky. Without class.

Just so you know, I try to avoid places where all those adjectives apply at the same time.


  1. Hmm. No Christmas trees yet. Just Halloween costumes galore and pumpkins.

    Liv can't decide if she wants to be Dorothy from Kansas or Hermione from Hogwarts...

  2. My word... you are behind the times over there arent you?

    I've had the sprouts simmering on a low heat for a couple of months now...

    and the week after next I plan to stock up on next years Easter Eggs



  3. GASP! Already?! That is totally sick!