Monday, October 15, 2007

*Now* it's fall.

I know that culturally fall starts Labor Day, and astronomically it begins with the autumnal equinox, but to me it still feels like late summer until some other things happen.

T-shirts are away, turtlenecks out; shorts away, jeans out. My summer "uniform" has given way to the winter one. The girls' drawers have been similarly rearranged. PJs with feet are back in play.

Mr. Sandy took the air conditioners out. The heat came on for the first time, and with it came the incriminating smell of burning dust. I'm a bad housekeeper, yes, I know.

Sunhats are put away. The girls wore fleece jackets to the bus stop this morning. We put Chapstick on their lips every morning now, and Vaseline every night.

The big canister of cocoa mix is out on the counter to stay for six months or so.

Stuff like that.

Oddly though, the pink impatiens are still going strong. That's good. A gradual change is better than if it were as though someone had thrown a switch. Maybe there's still time for me to dust a baseboard or two.


  1. I'm so jealous. I am freezing in my house right now, but that's only because the AC is cranked up and the ceiling fan is running on high speed. Oooh ... hot chocolate - so jealous!

  2. I need to dust my baseboards, BADLY. I still havent turned on my heat yet. I see how long I can go. It got cold yesterday but today was decent!I love Fall, especially at the ocean

  3. It's still pretty warm during the day here, which is disconcerting. Gorgeous foliage but I can walk around in a t-shirt and shorts for most of the day. It's weird.

  4. You mean baseboards can be dusted :-0 ?

  5. That's the rumor, C&V. I will not be testing it any time soon though :).

    Anyway I might have to retract this whole post, what with the 70+ degree days we're now having.

    Still, any day that requires neither heat nor a/c is a good day. I hate burning money. Like "stepping over the junk," I like to see how long we can go without the heat. But Mr. Sandy gets cold.

  6. I love fall. I just wish I was an organized enough mother to remember to put the chapstick on the kids' lips before they get really bad. Maybe right after teeth-brushing? I need a routine.

    And don't drink the mix - it's not nearly as good as making it from scratch - recipe is on the side of the Hershey's Cocoa container (very easy!).