Thursday, October 04, 2007


On the missing person - not much hope. There has been nothing in the Cape Cod Times (I won't link you to their website, which is astonishingly bad, for a news outlet) about the man who went overboard off the ferry for almost a week now. His cap has been found; that is all. Evidently he went off the starboard bow. Those propellers come pretty quickly -- I think if you're aiming to survive, you'd choose a different spot to dive from, but I don't really know. Anyway I'm guessing the outcome won't be a happy one. I happened to be in Falmouth (Cape Cod town closest to Martha's Vineyard) the other day and saw posters of his picture on the telephone poles in town. Sad.

On the casino proposal - some reason for optimism. News today is that Governor Patrick's proposal includes a provision for voters at the local level to have the final say on whether or not there will be a casino in their town. So at least there's that. It doesn't help Lakeville residents deal with a potential casino in Middleboro, but it's something. If a casino is approved locally, well, I'd say it's all kinds of stupid, be careful what you wish for, etc., but it's less horrid than the state just giving it the OK from above. People can still say no -- let's hope they do.

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