Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Here's a kind of spirograph thingy. Eh.

In case there was anyone left in the known universe who doesn't think Tom Cruise is crazier than a shithouse rat: be aware he's building a bunker for when the aliens come. Course, maybe he'll have the last laugh. I dunno though, my pantry is preeettty well stocked from that time the canned tomatoes (no salt added, natch) went on that crazy sale, and also from the time I thought Stop&Shop was going to quit stocking cans of Goya low sodium red kidney beans and I bought every single one they had. What can I say -- I have high blood pressure and I make a lot of chili.

Check out the astronomy picture of the day. I'm going to put the link on my sidebar. Cool.

Also: the earworm of the last few days, to go nicely with my headache (which is just abating over the last couple of hours, tyvm), has been that "Tub Thumping" tune by Chumbawumba, or whateverthehell that band was called. I say was, because somehow I can't imagine they're still crankin' out da hits.


  1. all that she wants...

    *Thank You*

    is another baby ... yee ehhhhhh

    *very much*

    All that she wants ...

    *Happy now?*

    is another baby... yee ehhhhh



  2. J, I am so glad I don't know the tune to the 'another baby' song :).

  3. see... its all your fault

    Chumbawumba you say? havent heard them in ages, lets give em a spin

    He Drinks a Whisky drink
    He drinks a Vodka drink...

    oh thats great!... magic song... what else havent I listened to in years?

    How about ... 'Ace of Base', why havent I played that one... I used to really like them


    Oh wait!

    All that she wants...


    earworm indeed