Wednesday, February 20, 2008

February "vacation," hump day edition

Vacation, they call it. Ha. I keep looking at the calendar, hoping I've forgotten we have something wonderful and rejuvenating to do this week. Isn't that what "vacation" is supposed to entail? Or am I just feeling the contrast... this time last year, I was in Jamaica with a girlfriend. That was wonderful and rejuvenating, especially when my luggage caught up with me. (Note to self: cram everything in carry-on for next Caribbean jaunt. More important note to self: somehow make possible another Caribbean jaunt.)

Today... only Wednesday?!... we hit the Children's Museum. It's a great place; the girls always have fun there. They put on pink frilly skirts from the costume trunk and run around playing different games and making drawings or little craft projects. This is what they do at home, too, but it's nice to get out. Unfortunately, everyone else in southeastern Massachusetts was there this morning also. I whole-heartedly support the Museum's programs and maintain a membership there (it pays for itself in just a few visits at full admission price), but I hate when it feels like a germ-infested play factory overrun by screaming snot-nosed brats.

Yes, they keep the place clean. No, the kids are not all screaming, snot-nosed, or brats. Still, it's not my scene.

Today they had a storyteller there, with costumes from Bali. The Peanut didn't dig some of the masks, but the Bean held her close and took good care of her. It makes me feel good to see them looking out for each other when they don't know I'm watching. Sisters are forever, I told them on the way home. Friends are sometimes forever too, but sisters always are.

Tomorrow, we'll be at their grandparents' house. Friday, the Bean is having a friend over to play. Weather will determine what we can do over the weekend... and that'll wrap it up.

I have come to love Mondays in general, and Mondays after school vacations are beginning to feel like high holidays. I know I'm not alone in this. Am I alone in wondering what we need a February school vacation for? We just had one at the end of December! We're going to have another one in April! I know that teachers would rise up against this idea, but I'd like to scrap the February and April vacations, and have a single week off in March instead.

Won't I be a wet blanket if I start going to school committee meetings!


  1. We have a children's museum too. I hate it and thankfully, Liv has outgrown it. She used to love the dress up room and the makeup room. But, nine times out of ten, she would get a cold the next day. I think it was those mega germs floating around.

    I always felt just a little hysterical whenever we would go and the silence in the car on the way home was sleep inducing.

  2. Oh, yeah, they'll love you at the school meetings! Personally, I'd like to see year-around school...I like the idea of shorter vacations and less time away from class. And the periodic weeks off can be used for makeup work, one-on-one time to get a kid up to speed, and keep me from pulling my hair out because I have kids in the house for 3 months straight over the summer. But that's just me!