Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Me Tender

"Happy Valentine's Day, my love" says Mr. S. this morning on his way out to work. "I looked everywhere, but they appear to have discontinued the Elvis tins of chocolates you love so much..."

Sigh. We don't make a fuss over greeting card industry-propelled holidays. But for years now, Mr. S. has been giving me the Russell Stover "Elvis Presley (TM) Collector's Series" heart-shaped tin of chocolates on Valentine's Day. Every year, a different image of The King. Mr. S. thinks this is hilarious. I like Elvis about as much as the next New Englander, which is to say, there were no likenesses of the man in my home that were not on one single CD cover until Mr. S. started giving me these tins. Year 2 or 3, I said, "what's with the Elvis tins?" and he said "but my love! You collect them!"

So it would seem.

I'm half disappointed they didn't have one this year. I'd been thinking we'd make a great article for the local newspaper on our 75th wedding anniversary or something. I could bring the hapless reporter kid on a nostalgic journey through 75 years of Elvis tins, and Mr. S. could nudge the kid periodically and say "she collects them!"


  1. Your husband is a funny fellow.

  2. I get Bing a pomegranate every year. I even did it when we were just friends. She loves them and I think they are disgusting. They are spillish and messy and they badly stain everything, including one's lips and teeth....