Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Not Three, not Four, but Five Things Meme

Five things, hm. Like two things, only more so. Okey dokey, but if this thing grows any more, I'm out.

Five names I go by:
1) short version of real name
2) full version of real name
3) Mommy
4) Sandy
5) My German in-laws tell me I am entitled to go by Frau Dr. S.. You never know when that might come in handy.

Five things I am wearing right now:
1) navy blue turtleneck
2) Swiss Army watch
3) blue hiking socks
4) blue jeans, wearing out but I haven't the heart, or the stomach, specifically, for jeans shopping
5) an expression of disbelief. Didn't we just have a big to-do with that Peanut during which she was punished for drawing on furniture? So why are there fresh marker marks where I just saw them? WHY?

Five things I want in a relationship:
1) independence
2) not to be the only one with common sense
3) companionship
4) trust
3) a sense of humor

Five of my favorite things to do:
1) hang with the Bean and the Peanut and Mr. S.
2) drive. I love to drive. Aimlessly, or roadtripping, it's all good.
3) beachcomb. I can't stop collecting little white rocks. I'd better think of a use for them. I keep coming across buckets of little white rocks in the garage. This is exceedingly minor in the face of the things Mr. S. accumulates in the garage, but that is a post for another day.
4) watch movies
5) blog, natch

Five things I want very badly at this moment:
2) A trust fund of staggering proportions.
3) Charisma.
4) New bedroom decor. I'm 40 years old and I've lived in dorms that were more attractively furnished than my current bedroom, for cryin' out loud.
5) Some warm sunshine.

Five things I did last night:
1) made pork chops in an onion and thyme sauce. Not bad, but there are pork recipes I like better.
2) put the girls to bed
3) laundry
4) more laundry
5) it isn't going to fold itself, you know

Five things I ate today:
1) pear
2) Kashi Heart to Heart cereal
3) whole wheat pasta with Trader Joe's alfredo sauce (not bad, and not too fatty or salty)
4) chocolate chip cookie
5) tortellini with marinara (tomato sauce is a vegetable, right? Sigh. Some days are better than others.)

Last five people I talked to:
1) Mr. Sandy; we've been watching election results come in.
2) The Bean; she called me back upstairs after bedtime because she was "having trouble with my cut, every time I move my finger from straight, it hurts A LOT!" She gets paper cuts, she wants band-aids, she takes them off, she wants them again.
3) The Peanut; at bedtime I ask if I can sleep in her bed with her, and she says "you have your OWN bed!" Then I say OK, I'll go, but I need a kiss first. We have the same conversation every night. She likes kicking me out.
4) The bus driver who dropped off the Bean after school. Not the regular driver, who had jury duty today. The regular guy is a really nice man. The Bean draws him pictures... most recently of me, wearing my "pretty black dress." Hm.
5) Condoleezza Rice. Just girl stuff.

Five things I am doing tomorrow:
1) walking on the treadmill
2) visiting the Bean's old preschool, which will be the Peanut's new one next fall.
3) filing some of this CRAP on my desk
4) scheduling the annual service on the oil burner (it's a glamorous life, no?)
5) sending someone to their room

Five longest car rides:
1) Northern NJ to southern CA. Grad school bound. It was a great trip.
2) Southern CA to western MA, three years later. Not as great. I should've turned around in Denver.
3) A fifteen minute drive home from a restaurant with my ex on our anniversary, during which I realized we wouldn't last till our next one.
4) For a time, I had an hour-plus commute from South Hadley, MA to Brattleboro, VT. It represents many hours of my life I'll never have back. On the up side, it was an unparalleled opportunity to listen to the entire Old Testament on cassette. Yes.
5) I suppose the unanticipated ambulance ride to Boston, 35 weeks pregnant with the Peanut, goes in this category, though it probably felt even longer to Mr. S. following behind. Everything ended well though, so you sort of block that stuff.

Five of my favorite beverages:
1) water
2) Lately I'm digging Bigelow's Vanilla Caramel Tea.
3) red wine
4) cherry juice
5) pina coladas

Five things about me that you may not have known:
1) I was on General Hospital. Briefly. Just as an extra, but that's why you may not have known ;).
2) My eighth grade class voted me "most sophisticated." I still don't know what they meant. What is "sophisticated" to a 14 year-old?
3) I used to (really) wish I'd been born a boy, and as a younger adult still had the occasional feeling that perhaps there had been some mistake in that regard. It didn't totally let up until I got pregnant.
4) For years, I had recurring nightmares about the George Washington Bridge. In my dreams I have been chased across it by gangsters; forced to get across on the cables; found myself marooned atop one of its towers; had to swing underneath it monkey-bar style. My hands and feet are sweating just thinking about it.
5) I don't like to eat yogurt with a metal spoon. For some reason, yogurt tastes better on plastic.

Five jobs that I have had:
1) clerk in a nurses' uniform store
2) library page
3) locksmith's assistant
4) teaching assistant (oceanography)
5) environmental consultant

Five movies that I could watch over and over:
1) Star Wars. All of them, even Episode I with that fucking JarJar Binks.
2) Monty Python and the Holy Grail
3) Horse Feathers
4) A Mighty Wind. No, Best in Show. No, Waiting for Guffman. You get it.
5) The Wizard of Oz

Five places I have lived:
1) NYC, briefly
2) northern NJ
3) southern CA
4) western MA
5) Cape Cod, MA

Five of my favorite foods:
1) soft boiled eggs with an English muffin
2) spaghetti and meatballs
3) chocolate cake
4) Hungarian goulash
5) caprese salad, if the tomatoes are *perfect*

Five places I would rather be right now:
1) On a brief tropical vacation.
2) Or in Tucson, AZ. Never been there, and I like to visit the desert.
3) Hm.
4) Nowhere, I guess. I really like it here. Except:
5) In bed asleep. Goodnight.

I won't make you (as if!), but let me know if you do the Five Things Meme on your own blog. S'fun.


  1. So, are you a Jersey girl? I grew up in Essex County.

  2. You are very funny! Enjoyed your post...just discovered your blog!

  3. Perfect tomatoes? You know...I totally get that!