Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Annnnnd... we're sick again.

Well, so much for the Winter Without Illness. It was remarkable, and we'll remember it fondly, but it seems we're now in the Spring of Snot and Tissues.

I felt terrible yesterday, skipped dinner and went to bed instead. Good thing too, because the Bean was up at 11:30 and every hour after that until I just finally brought her downstairs at 6:00 and let her watch videos. It's all she could manage, poor kid, and it kept her distracted and quiet so Mr. S. and the Peanut were undisturbed. Peanut slept until after 10:00 (!), so she's either fighting this virus off, or was woken up enough overnight to have needed to make up the sleep.

Bean and I went to the doctor first thing this morning, and sure enough, she has an ear infection, so we got her some medicine. Now, of course, she is perky and cheerful, while I'm still kind of woozy from the weird night we had.

Perky or no, she can stay home from school and rest up. She's had perfect attendance until today -- oh well. I'm such a waffler when it comes to making the call to stay home. When I had a "job," I'd have to be awful sick to call in, and I'd always spend the first half of the day second-guessing the decision, thinking of ways I could maybe make it in anyway. What a waste of mental energy.

Some days are just better spent still and quiet.


  1. Oh, I'm sorry! My little one is sick right now, so I know where you are coming from. I thought my daughter just had allergy stuff going on, till the 102+ fevers started. Poor little monkey.

    I hope you, Bean, and Peanut all come through it quickly and with as little misery as possible.

    Hug (virtual only - I don't want to catch it!)

  2. Thanks bunny! We go into full quarantine so we don't spread stuff. Hopefully it all passes quickly -- for your little one too.

  3. Amoycillin, if I had a nickle for every dose, why I would be in the pink. College age daughter calls from school, with double ear infections, we thought that stuff stopped when they were 7.

  4. Sometimes college kids get a little bit sick, don't rest up, then get more sick. I hope she's better soon. Ear infections hurt!