Thursday, April 10, 2008


Oh, I get it. It's only a blog if you, well, post every so often.


Well, I've been tired. Every night I go to bed (too late, yes, but still) expecting some form of sleep to occur. I do fall asleep eventually. Then I have these long involved dreams, and in the morning I don't feel the least bit rested.

Last night, for example:

I was in grad school, writing a combination novel/thesis which I had to submit to Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. I knew it was incomplete and utter crap, but I was hoping they couldn't tell because, well, they're actors, even if smart ones. Which isn't to dis actors, just that it wasn't a thesis in acting.

Then I was riding on the back of a motorcycle, being driven to a party by a man I don't know, but who is kind and stops when I am feeling too dizzy and scared to continue. After a rest I get past my fear of riding on the bike, and we go on. We ride past a deli, outside of which men on ladders are putting up giant letters to spell "HOUSTON," but they're spelling it wrong.

We get to the party, which is hosted by a guy who makes fancy, whimsical signs out of scrap wood. My college roommate is there, doing some sort of project with glitter glue. She's looking for a color called Emerald Square. I sort through dozens of shades of green... how 'bout Emerald Triangle? Moss? Olivine?... there seems always to be one more tube of green, but I can't find the only one she needs.

Still at this gathering of kooky artist types, I somehow agree to or get suckered into helping someone's son get to the school bus every morning. It soon becomes clear that I also have to locate, dress, and feed him every time, and he's always lost in some irresponsible household mayhem. Also there are always cars blocking his family's driveway at crazy angles.

And with that, I wake.

So after all that subconscious anxiety plays out in various scenarios -- last nights' at least lacked wild animals or serial killers -- I just feel weird in the mornings these days.

My kingdom for a couple nights' dreamless slumber.


  1. I've been having really wild dreams myself lately. I love hearing about others dreams.

  2. I get through those nights by taking Advil pm. I just need an extra cuppa coffee the next morning! But seriously, I hate nights like that...vivid dreams do not make for a good nights sleep.

  3. What the heck are you eating for dinner. Turn off all electrics at least 1 hour before bed, no radio, tv, I Pod, computer, go for 1/2 walk after dinner. I am out like a light every night.

  4. Ha! You mean not everyone dreams like this all the time? :)

    Dinner yesterday was turkey paprikash. I love this dish, and it's so easy: turkey cutlets sauteed with with a vertically sliced onion and 1T paprika, add a half cup of chicken broth and simmer; then add a cup of low-fat sour cream mixed with another T paprika. Serve over egg noodles, with green beans. YUM.

    I think you're on to something important re: electronics. I tend to turn off the computer moments before hitting the hay. Like now... sigh.

  5. Maybe something in the air - I've been dreaming a lot too. Last night I was in hospital (with blood clots or something) and it was all very vivid - down to knowing the brand of X-ray machine I was having tests on.

    I've been writing my dreams down (notebook at bedside) just because I'm doing a lot of intuition work in yoga training....