Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Free Association

You say _____ :: I think ______

New words every Sunday at Unconscious Mutterings.

  1. Thug :: big

  2. Slurp :: stop!

  3. Alley :: back

  4. Sweater vest :: geek

  5. Targeted :: shopping

  6. Snazzy :: sparkle

  7. Oy! :: Hey!

  8. Jury duty :: courthouse

  9. Low fat :: yogurt

  10. Responsibility :: mine

Apologies to geeks and/or sweater vest wearers who would be offended by the association. I don't know where that came from! I like vests a lot - a fleece vest is part of my winter "uniform" (jeans, turtleneck, fleece vest -- every day. Yeah well, I do mix up the color scheme from time to time.). Something about the phrase sweater vest, though, strikes me geeky.

Also, I guess it's obvious we just did a run to Target... there's a brand new one in Wareham, MA that needed investigating. We went in search of a sunhat and a windbreaker for the Bean, and found neither. We did get three pair of shorts, two shirts and a watch for me, "dress" sandals and sunglasses for the girls. I noticed an L.L.Bean outlet in that same new plaza (down with cranberry bogs! up with shopping!) that needs investigating too, hopefully without the offspring in tow.

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