Friday, June 06, 2008

Alphabet Meme: B

B is for your burger of choice:

A while back I found a recipe for turkey burgers that involves ginger and soy sauce and scallions and orange juice, and a special sauce made of some of those things and some mayo, and it's just delicious. Only problem is I always make too much of the sauce and have it left over with no clear use for it.

Mr. Sandy usually grills the burgers. That means he has to form the patties himself, because he likes them verrry thin. I make burgers a little thicker with turkey than with beef, because I think they get too dried out otherwise.

I don't know any couples in which the partners use the grill equally often. Seems there can be only one griller-in-chief per household. Do people have conversations about who will assume the role? In man/woman couples, why is it usually the guy who grills? I can use the grill fine, it just never occurs to me. All that back-and-forth in and out of the house, I dunno. Doesn't seem worth it unless another person is doing everything else.

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