Friday, June 06, 2008

Alphabet Meme: D, E, F

D is for dog's name:

Well this one's easy - we don't have a dog. I can't take the shedding and the slobber and the doggie smell and the forced walks and the poop scooping (because I would not be the kind of dog owner who leaves dog shit around for people to step in) and the muddy paws and the rolling in dead things and the barking and... any of that. I just can't. Most other people's dogs are fine. I don't want one.

E is for an essential item you use each day:

Various personal hygiene products crossed my mind for this.... soap, toothbrush, etc. ... but the essential thing I need before any of that comes into play is my contact lenses in or my glasses on. Without them, I can see where you are, but I can't see the expression on your face. I can see type on the screen, but I can't read it. So, corrective lenses are my daily-used essential.

F is for your favorite television show:

I don't like many TV shows, but I've been watching something really excellent lately. It's about a New Jersey mob boss who's seeing a psychiatrist because he's started having panic attacks. His mother is pure evil, his uncle is plotting against him, his wife and girlfriend require delicate balancing, his teenagers are, well, teenagers, and all this on top of the particular stresses of his work... the constant threat of law enforcement, difficulty finding competent help, etc. The writing is genius, the acting truly great. It's easily one of the best shows I've ever seen: The Sopranos. Maybe you've heard of it?

Sigh. I am, once again, a decade behind the popular culture curve. I had heard of The Sopranos, but never had HBO. Fortunately Mr. S. had never seen it either. Now we're both hooked.

At least it's not like the last Harry Potter book, which I was afraid someone would inadvertently spoil for me before I'd finished reading it myself. I'm actually glad I know how Sopranos ends, because if I didn't know it was coming, and just saw that ending, I'd have been really fucking pissed off.

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  1. Ah... I MISS The Sopranos.

    I was nutty about Tony, I really was.

    And, I SWORE when Liv was an infant that we would NEVER get another dog. And now we have Socks...