Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Eeek! Socks!

After seeing the Bean off to day camp this morning, my Peanut headed down to the playroom for some quality time alone with her trains. I sat down to drink my usual 2/3 cup of tea (I swear one of these days I'll finish a cup of tea without having to reheat it). After about ten minutes silence, I got a frantic, near-tears summons: "MOMMY! There are some SOCKS in the playroom that are SOMEONE ELSE'S!" Hmmm, thinks I. Sometimes we get a spider, but invasive socks are definitely unusual. I shall investigate.

Sure enough! There is a pair of socks in the middle of the room, not even trying to hide. They look harmless, but one can't be too careful. I pick them up to examine more closely.

"Peanut," I say to my barefoot little one. "These are YOUR socks. Did you take them off when you got downstairs?"

Confused silence. "But they're big," she says.

Evidently she can't keep up with how fast she's growing, either.

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