Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Wait! Don't go! This isn't a hissy fit like the compost thing yesterday. (Sorry 'bout that. I am myself once more. Not quite cheerfully tending the compost, but no longer swearing at it.)

This post is to confess that I am living in fear. Not because the Secretary of Homeland Security has a tummy ache. Oh no. This is serious. I am treading carefully online, skittishly avoiding certain conversations in person, because:

I am afraid someone will tell me what happens in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Why don't I just get my eager paws on a copy and plow through it? One sleepless night ought to do it, and the tots can make their own dang breakfast, right? Well no, but that's not why. Why is because I promised Mr. Sandy I wouldn't. Years ago, reading Chamber of Secrets, I could tell he'd love these stories, and knew he'd never read them. So I backtracked to Sorcerer's Stone and read a chapter a night aloud to him, and that's how we've read all the subsequent ones. (Evidently I do a good Hagrid voice.)

I was right -- he's hooked. Now not only do I have to wait till he gets home from Far Far Away to get Hallows, but I will then have to read it one chapter a night. That's a long time to avoid spoilers. I'm surprised and pleased at how considerate everyone's been about it, but it can't last, it can't last.

I'm not listening, though. I'm brushing up my Hagrid voice.


  1. Dood. I would so be buying the book and reading it before he got home. Do you know how long that book is? It's huuuuuuuuge. Not Order of the Phoenix huge, but it's still a good 4 lb book.

    You have waaaaay more willpower than me.

    I've talked about HP two or three times on my blog and STILL haven't managed to spoil it for anyone. I'm rather proud of myself. I'm a notorious plot giver away-er.

  2. Yah. I think it took us the better part of a year to get through Phoenix. We are probably doomed re: spoilers, but in the meantime thanks for holding back!

    Now if only that willpower transferred to areas where I really need it. Dang.

  3. yeah, i have to say that i would definitely be reading the book on the sly before he got home. you have more patience than i, grasshopper.