Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Tale of Two Jurors

This morning on the local radio news I heard that our Senator and fellow Cape Cod resident Edward M. Kennedy had jury duty today, and reported to the Barnstable County Courthouse accordingly. The news report said that Sen. Kennedy and others were excused, as enough jurors were empanelled before their numbers were called. All this prompted me to shake my head, half baffled and half grateful at what passes for news in these parts, and then forget about it.

Until: this afternoon on ABC national radio news, I heard that "a Cape Cod resident" angered a judge today by trying to get out of jury duty. Evidently he wrote of himself on the prospective juror questionnaire that he's a "racist, homophobe, and habitual liar."

Probably just a coincidence.

Edit: 1) CNN says that the racist homophobe juror thing happened yesterday, not today; 2) just in case I'm being horribly misinterpreted and need to type this out loud, I'm not calling Kennedy a racist homophobe liar. How I heard these stories today just struck me funny.

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