Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I hope the food is good.

me: Hello, I'm hoping to make a 6:30 reservation for 6 people for dinner this evening.
Restaurant Person: Sure, for how many people?
me: 6 people.
RP: OK, what time?
me: 6:30 would be ideal, but
RP: well for large parties, we only have certain times available.
me: OK then, you tell me -- what time?
RP: we have 4:45, or 6:30.
me, slowly: 6:30 would be fine.
RP: your name?
me: [spells name]
RP: [reads back different name]
me: [corrects name]
RP: OK, we have you down for dinner at 6:30, for 8 people.
me, very slowly: 6 people.

Anyone want to bet they've never heard of us when we arrive?


  1. oh geez! I would have been pulling my hair out by the end of that call!

  2. I think they need to drug test their employees. Fast.

  3. I would have called back in 15 minutes to confirm the reservation and hopefully get another employee. He or she wasn't distracted at all. No, no not at all.

    I hope your dinner went well and wasn't spoiled by that dim-bulb.

  4. *giggle*

    Well, y'know, at Faneuil Hall, rude waitstaff is part of the schtick. Maybe here, dumb waitstaff is part of the schtick.

  5. So what happened? Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. you wonder how these people actually get a job

  7. uh, insert update here....
    otherwise, I will be left wondering if the restaurant even open when you arrived (or was she supposed to tell you that they had closed for the season)?