Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sarah who, now?

Well. Evidently John McCain knows that relative inexperience doesn't matter that much as a qualification for the Presidency. After all, it can't be critical for Barack Obama if it isn't for his own would-be veep.

So now that argument's either more laughable than ever, or just out of play altogether.

Hm. So he must have picked her to appeal to women voters - disillusioned Clinton supporters?

How patronizing. How insulting. How... stupid.

And how interesting. I wonder how it'll play out... what do you think?


  1. I think he wanted to solidify his base with social conservatives (and attempt to restore his resputation as a maverick). I don't think he expects to get any significant amount of support from feminists.

  2. I can actually think of two and a half really good Clinton-unrelated reasons to choose her.

    1. It's really, really hard (yet, in this case, totally necessary) to be the designated candidate of the ruling party, and also claim to be a reform candidate. Palin has deeply offended her state Republican party by mercilessly attacking them for corruption. She provides as much credibility to the reform assertion as anybody can.

    2. All McCain's primary opponents were just plain awful people. Can you imagine him enduring long-term close cooperation with any one of them? So all those "sensible choices" were really out of the question.

    2.5 There are going to be people who feel reluctant to vote against Obama just because his presidency would be so damn historical. Kids are going to ask you fifty years from now about your memories of Obama's election, and we all know that. They may be soothed by the thought that, hey, VP Palin would be a little bit historical, too.

  3. Ugh. Just ugh.

    Not that I ever would have voted for McCain anyway.

  4. Good points...

    I suppose it is sexist of me, in turn, to assume she wasn't chosen on her merits.

    Although, like Bedhead, it isn't as if I could be convinced to vote for McCain in any case.

  5. Wanna hear something interesting? Bing has been telling me for MONTHS that McCain was going to pick a woman and I poohed poohed her.

    Bing believed that by naming a white man for veep, McCain would have just handed Obama the election on a silver platter. But, I was really shocked at his choice. I mean, the thought of her as president almost makes me want to weep and with his age, well...

    Bing also has this terrifying feeling that if Obama is elected, he will be assassinated in office. I am hoping that she is so, so wrong.

    I listened to a few of Palin's speeches and was appalled. She is everything that I fear in government.