Tuesday, August 19, 2008

T minus 14 days: We go on vacation.

So we're leaving for the airport in an hour or so -- off to California to visit family and friends for a week. The days filled up quickly; we'll be scheduled, but not franticly (frantically?) so. We're staying in a hotel, which makes for comfortable downtime. That makes all the difference to me in a visit-intense trip.

Once upon a time, I was an extrovert. But that's a post for another day.

We're leaving behind a garden that is just about to burst full of gorgeous tomatoes. We've encouraged people to pick them while we're gone, but there are only so many any one person can eat. I planted grape and cherry tomatoes, as well as some Celebrities. There were a handful of the little ones ripe every day or so, until last week, when I started picking them by the bowlful. This is the bowl I picked this morning:

The bigger ones are coming ripe as well now. There will still be plenty when we get back and I'll be a sauce-making fiend.

Ooooooooh, saaaaauuuuuce.

We just had a quick thunderstorm go by, and now the sun's shining through the haze. There's steam coming off the street and drifting into the woods. It's hot and humid here. I'm looking forward to some cool dry California nights.

May get to blog a bit, may not. Have a good week, all, in any case.


  1. Do you share your sauce recipe? I'm looking to use up a bunch of roma tomatoes I bought at the Farmer's market last week. Found a recipe online, but if you're in a sharing mood... :-)

    p.s. have fun on vacation!

  2. have a great time! you have to tell me where in cali you are going. that is where I am from!

  3. Nephew was out from CA, couple of weeks ago, said he hadn't seen rain since February, took him on a hike to High Mtn, NJ and we got caught in worst storm in history, he said Thank You, he loved it. Oh, well. Enjoy the Golden State, it is a wonder.

  4. Have fun! If I lived closer, I'd be raiding your garden daily. I do love fresh-off-the-vine tomatoes.