Friday, August 03, 2007

The 40 Year-Old Virgin

Briefly: A comedy not as bad as I'd feared, not as good as I'd hoped.

The title character works in the stock room at [insert generic name for Best Buy], the secret to his dorkishness gets out, and his coworkers spend the rest of the movie working on getting him laid -- until he starts working on it in his own way, on his own terms, with a predictable happy ending (and a not-so-predictable, bizarre musical sequence that should've been cut, cut, cut).

It starts out just bad (awkward loner keeps action figures, plays video games... we get it. Clumsy attempts at hooking him up with drunk women... not funny). But it does become kind of cute, and there are some amusing exchanges. Jane Lynch (of Best in Show and A Mighty Wind, both MUST SEE movies... really, get those right now if you haven't seen them, don't bother with crap like Virgin) is pretty funny as the store manager. The cute guy who played Phoebe's boyfriend on Friends plays a cute guy here too. Catherine Keener is charming as the Love Interest.

That said... it's easily 45 minutes too long, and while I am willing to subject myself to that kind of fluff once in a while, I can't accept responsibility for letting anyone else do it. So here, sign this waiver. Now turn off your brain and watch this on cable if you feel like it, but don't come whining to me about all those minutes of your life you'll never get back. I tried to tell you.

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