Sunday, August 12, 2007

Musical Abuse

I have been suffering, my friends.

Two days ago I had the refrain from that Depeche Mode song "Blasphemous Rumors" stuck in my head like chewing gum underfoot.

Yesterday, it was "Edelweiss." I tried to spread the misery to Mr. Sandy, who, (although German!) professed never to have heard it before.

This morning I went to church to confess my sins, just in case it'll help.


  1. It only helps if you've got a Personal Jesus...

    Ouch, I know. I loved "Blasphemous Rumors" & played it nonstop my freshman year in college (um, no wonder no dates, huh?); it spoke to my inner Goth-wannabe.

    Good luck with "Edelweiss." I'll come back to yell at you if it gets stuck in my brain...

  2. Ha. One of my favorite Onion headlines ever:

    "No, Jesus Christ is MY personal Saviour."

    Edelweiss is gone, at long last.