Thursday, August 02, 2007

RSVP. Please, please, PLEASE!!!!

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to politely encourage people to respond to an invitation? I ask because a simple "R.S.V.P., [phone number]" appears to be completely ineffectual.

Pick up the damn phone, people, and give your hapless, well-intentioned, would-be hostess a frickin' clue. How hard can it be.

That is all.


  1. I usually add a date along with some kind of pressing reason (because basic civility is not good enough) that I need to know how many guests are coming: "RSVP by _____ so I can make sure there's enough beer/sushi/free laptops for everybody!"

    Unfortunately, I still only get a few...It's sad. I'm sorry.

  2. How 'bout something like, "RSVP or I won't let you in! Just kidding. No, really. I won't let you in."

  3. I'll let you know when 'I' have received 'my' invite...


  4. Free laptops! Excellent. That'd put an end to the goodie bag arms race :).

    Betty, I like that... it gets across my inner conflict about being such a stickler about it. I would love it not to matter... come! or don't! But it does. I have to know how much chicken/laptops/party favors/bourbon I'll need.

    OK, I am tearing myself away from the keyboard to go shop for this shindig.

  5. ...except to say:

    Anonymous J, don't feel left out. Wouldn't you give real money not to have to go to a 5 year-old's birthday party? In most cases, so would I.

  6. How about "RSVP now or the puppy gets it!"? In ransom note letter of course...

  7. That drives me nuts.

    We had a party yesterday and I got a lot of "We'll try to come"s from people. That's annoying, too. Commit, ferfucksake. What, are you waiting to see if you get a better offer?