Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Basic Instinct 2

In case anyone was left wondering... yes, Basic Instinct 2 is every bit as bad as everyone said it was.

Sharon Stone as novelist Catherine Tramell, this time in London, and in trouble with the law again, this time for the death of a football player who she might perhaps have saved from a watery grave were he not paralyzed by an illegal drug, and were his paralyzed fingers not in, ahem, use, while Ms. Tramell was driving through London in a snazzy sportscar at a hundred miles an hour. She's evaluated by a shrink who proceeds to go where Michael Douglas has gone before.

They should've kept more sex in the film and accepted an NC-17 rating. If they'd been honest about the premise, then it wouldn't have mattered that the plot was so campy, and those of us with some remaining allegiance to its purported "thriller" aspects wouldn't have had to strain to accept that everyone in Tramell's evil presence falls under her Sublime Spell o'Sexiness so that things can proceed exactly as she has forseen them, mwah-hahahaaa.

And, because this is what it was all about, really: Sharon Stone looked alternately ghoulish and great.

In short: an embarrassing film, hopefully more excusable for those with careers on the rise (are we ever going to see any of those British actors again?) than for those with careers in decline.

I just couldn't help myself.

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