Wednesday, December 26, 2007

O Blessed Day After

I hope everyone had a good time of it over Christmas. Even I managed to enjoy myself. But I'm also glad to have it over with.

Today is delicious. There is nothing in particular to do. Errands that could be done; nothing that has to be done. Laundry has backed up but I can do it tomorrow.

I slept late.

We were painting with the watercolors from Santa, but the girls abandoned me to go set up an "awesome awesome" train track with their uncle in the playroom. They don't sound to be squabbling yet. Uncle's holding his own.

I finished a little painting of balloons at the kitchen table by myself. It's a masterpiece. I should hit the craft show circuit! Not.

It's chilly out but not punishingly so. We might get outside for a walk. The weather is calm. I am wearing my excellent new socks.

All is well. Here's hoping the same for you and yours.


  1. Yes, today is delicious. I agree completely.

  2. I was yanked from the clutches of a good day by a mutt sick all over her crate. As was noted, however, if she'd not been in her crate, I'd still be scrubbing poop off floors, carpets and walls everywhere.

  3. Ouch, patois. But yeah, it could've been worse. Here's to NO MORE of that, in any case.

  4. I love post christmas. more than pre-christmas!