Sunday, December 02, 2007

Urges Probably Best Left Unsatisfied

* the one to throw car keys down a storm drain just to hear the "ploop" sound they'd make in the water

* the one to cut off the long skinny braid from the back of a coworker's otherwise relatively normal-looking head (what, he's young Obi-Wan Kenobi now?)

* the one to yank the teenage mall rat's pants down the rest of the way

* the one to throw it in 4WD and bomb straight down the median

* the one to blurt out "oh come OFF it" during the sermon


  1. I have my own list! Some of yours are on it!

  2. I'm there with you, especially when it comes to the sermon blurting.

  3. The one where you want to say to a spouse, "You've said that before."

  4. I'm sure Bean or Peanut would be happy to help out with the first one.

  5. LOL! Love the one about the pants. How *do* they stay up anyhow??


  6. I so want to pull the baggy pants down!

  7. Oh, these are priceless! And I agreed with every damn one of them. ESPECIALLY the pants one. I get uncomfortable just looking at those kids with their pants down. How in the hell do they manage it? It can't be comfortable.

    I'll add one of my own.

    The urge to throttle the person in front of you that has ten bottles of wine in their cart when it is obvious that the clerk is 16 and you know they will have to call someone to help them. And there are about 5 other lines open.

  8. So far, having driven more than a half million miles by now, I have avoided this urge, but one day...

    one day I will drive down a busy downtown street, filled with parked cars on both sides and lots of shoppers rushing about, and there it will be - a driver side door will fly wide open, and I will have no choice but to remove it with the right front panel of my car. And I will keep going.